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RELEASE BLAST (+ARC Review): Sweet by Gabrielle G.

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Sweet by Gabrielle G. is  #LIVE! One-click today!


Finding what others want to hide has been my lifeline for years.
So I don’t want to babysit a Rockstar, especially not one who thinks women are disposable.
I’ve never been good at keeping away from the Darling Devils.
Call it morbid curiosity but they fascinate me—he intrigues me. And Art Sweet, with his smoldering looks and wicked smile, is the most gorgeous of all. But if the scars on my face are inevitable for all to see, the ones in my heart are irreparable.
My beach cottage in the middle of winter should be the perfect place to organize my thoughts.
But complications rise when a sexy tomboy enters town.
She looks familiar. She feels perfect. And she sounds like the best song I could ever play. The only thing is, I’m not one to ask people to stay, and she’s not the kind to stop her life for anyone. So our story is bound to end before it even begins. And that’s seems to be the story of my life.

The heartbreaking love story of two invisible devils.

ARC Review:


I loved this book so much! It gave me all the rockstar romance goodness I went into it for and I loved the characters so much! It also got me interested in reading the other books and I wish I had found this series sooner.

Where To Buy:

Universal Link:

Check out the Darling Devil Series 

Darling, Book 1, FREE for a limited time⁣

Trouble, Book 2, $2.99 sale⁣

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Remember You This Way (The Sound of Us #2) by C.R. Jane


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Can you ever really start over? It’s the question that follows Ariana now that she’s reunited with the boys from the Sound of Us.

Haunted by the past and her hopefully soon to be ex-husband, Ari is dragged along as the band continues its world tour. Touring the world together…it’s what they all used to dream about. Sold out stadiums and screaming fans, it’s everything anyone would want.

But with broken hearts to mend, groupies to ignore, and someone who clearly wants Ariana to leave for good, is their dream more of a nightmare? Can Ariana discover her own song before it’s too late?


That’s the thing about fear, it comes at you when you least expect it and all you can do is try to get through it to the other side.

Did I think it was possible for me to love this series more after the first book? No… but I was SOOOO wrong! This book was absolutely amazing and I could not get enough! I fell in love the characters more than I thought possible and their story just gripped my heart and wouldn’t let go!

The guys weren’t on a journey with me; they were my destination.

Arianna- Ari’s going through her issues, but she hasn’t given up which is something that I really admire. She fights tooth and nail for her guys and what she wants. I love her as a character so much and her inner strength is inspiring. I’m dying to know what happened five years ago that made her run away. I need answers!

The problem with reuniting, however, was that our pieces didn’t quite fit like they did before… and I didn’t know if they ever would again.

Jensen- Before reading this book, I didn’t really like Jensen because of how he treated Ari. While reading this though, I completely fell in love with him. Deep down, he is just a broken boy that feels responsible for everyone around him. He puts all this weight on his shoulders because he feels like he is supposed to make everyone happy. It breaks my heart and I am so happy that I got to know him better in this book.

In Ari, I found more than love, more than hope and peace. I found my home.”

Jesse- Jesse is SO sweet and kind and caring and I. LOVE. HIM. SO. MUCH. He is always there for Ari and is the first one to jump to her defense. When the guys came storming in at the beginning of this book, he automatically believed Ari and took her side. It warmed my heart and he is just so precious to me.

“We’re going to fix you, princess. Until you remember what having us love you feels like. Until you remember what it feels like to be safe and adored.”

Tanner- Tanner is always on that razor edge which is something that I love about his character. He is always ready to throw down and he’d fight the whole world for Ari if he had to. I am excited beyond words for his book!

Overall, I highly enjoyed this book and I could not encourage you to read it more. This story is about heartbreak and second chances and I went through so many different emotions while reading it. It will certainly stay in my heart for many years to come. I need the next book like I need air!

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Remember Us This Way (The Sound of Us #1) by C.R. Jane


Goodreads | Amazon US


They are idols to millions worldwide. I hear their names whispered in the hallways and blasted through the radio. Their faces are never far from the television screen, tormenting me with images of what I gave up.

To everyone else, they’re unattainable rockstars, the music gods who make up The Sound of Us. But to me? They’ll always be the boys I lost.

I broke all our hearts when I refused to follow them to L.A., convinced I would only bring them down. Years later, after I’ve succumbed to a monster, and my life has become something out of a nightmare, they are back.

I’m no longer the girl they left behind. But what if I’ve become the woman they can’t forget?


And that sums it up; one decision changes lives. One act, one moment, alters the course of many. One decision certainly altered the course of my life.

I LOVED THIS BOOK! It grabbed me from the very first line and would not let go! I ate the story up and I didn’t want it to end! The book just flew by and was over before I knew it! I loved everything in it, from the characters, to the structure (then and now chapters), to the plot, to the romance, and everything in between! I just can’t get enough!

We’re best friends because we’re all broken in different ways… You being broken means that for once we’ve found someone that is like us.”

Arianna- I like Arianna as a character, but I need MORE. What made her choose not to go to L.A.? Why doesn’t she feel worthy of the guys? WHAT HAPPENED?! I need answers!!!!

Usually I avoided them like the plague, but junkies always gave in eventually. I was not the exception.

The Guys- Where can I get one? Hmm??? I love them all SO much and I know that their personalities have only barely been revealed. They all break and warm my heart in different ways and I just want more!!

“Pretty girl,” he whispers. “You think you don’t deserve to share yourself, your secrets. You think you burden people with your darkness. But you don’t. You’re not dark. You’re light. You’re warmth. You’re good. Fuck. Ari,” his voice broke, “you are so good.”


I’ve never made peace with letting them go. I never will.

I know this review was a little short, but I am so eager to jump into the next book that these were the only legible thoughts that I could write into words. A lot of my feelings towards this book are just me screaming… That cliffhanger has left me reeling and I need to the next book ASAP.

Other Books in the Series:

5 🍁s ~ Remember You This Way (The Sound of Us #2) by C.R. Jane

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Lost For You (Sixth Street Bands #4) by Jayne Frost


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When I was eighteen, I stood at the precipice of stardom. I had the record deal. And the tour to back it up. But I succumbed to the pressure of that life. The dark side.

Now, I skate on the fringe. My brother is the genius guitarist for the band Caged, and I’m the one who helped make that happen. I’m happy to run my bars and my land development company.

Sure I am.

And then I meet her—Taryn Ayers—the music manager behind the three biggest bands in the country. She doesn’t know I’m Cam’s older brother. Or that I’ve got a secret that makes her world and mine fundamentally incompatible.
Problem is, I want to know Taryn.

But do I want her to know me?

Lost For You is a STAND ALONE New Adult Romance with recurring characters. Pick up books 1-3 to get the full experience!
Intended for mature audiences due to hot as sin rockstars and the world they live in.

**Please note: This book contains instances of drug use.**

DNF 67%

“Maybe it’s better to have a short life filled with great things than a long life full of unfulfilled promises.”

I loved all of the previous books in this series, but not this one. And I think that is because I realized something while I was reading this book… The characters’ communication skills suck and there is an overuse of the miscommunication trope to the max. I can certainly tell you that this book would be half the size it is if the characters would just TALK TO EACH OTHER. It’s ridiculous and I couldn’t take it any more.

Plus, I’m not and never have been a drug addict myself, but I felt like Chase started using again out of the blue and it made absolutely no sense. It felt like it was used to further the plot when there was no background behind it. Like, he’s been sober for 11 years and is strong enough that he has helped other people, but all the sudden decides that he needs it again?! It just didn’t make sense to me.

I’m not sure if I will be reading the next book or not. On one hand, I really enjoyed the previous books in this series and I am really interested in Logan and Tori’s story. On the other hand, the miscommunication trope has been used to the max in every installment so far and, honestly, from what I saw in this book, I didn’t like Tori very much. I don’t know. Time will tell.

Other Books in the Series:

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4 🍁s ~ Missing From Me (Sixth Street Bands #3) by Jayne Frost

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Missing From Me (Sixth Street Bands #3) by Jayne Frost


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One mistake. Four years of regret.  A second chance worth fighting for.

When I traded one dream for another, she was the price. My Anna. But I never forgot her. Never let go. And no amount of drumming could drown out my love for her. Her music is in my head.


And when I see her again, it’s so clear. Anna is mine. She’ll always be mine. I just have to convince her.

Missing From Me is an epic story about second chances, redemption, undying love, and music. Because every great romance deserves a soundtrack.


This book hurt.. and I mean HURT. I went on a roller coaster of emotions while reading this book. My heart kept getting torn out of my chest, put back in, and then ripped out all over again. The story of Anna and Sean just gripped my heart and I could not stop crying. Every time they went through a bump in their relationship, I was right there with them getting my heart broken.

“Love wasn’t enough. Not then and not now. But it was a start.”

This book is about two broken people who have made a lot of mistakes and the path to them both finding their way back to each other is a long and hard one. This book doesn’t spare you from that and the heartbreak that both characters are feeling is very clear.

“But if my choice was having Anna one last time or never having her again, I’d take a few minutes in heaven with her and deal with the hell of it all later.”

Sean- Sean… He kept making mistake after mistake during this book and my heart hurt for him because he didn’t know what he was doing when he did it. He was trying to do the right thing or make the best out the situation and it always seemed to back fire. I couldn’t help but feel for him and his unwavering love toward Anna, despite all that they had gone through, made me love his character. I am so happy that he didn’t give up and kept on pushing.

“There are moments in life when everything changes. When the earth shifts, and the ground crumbles beneath your feet. Most of the time, you never see it coming. You certainly don’t invite it. But I had.”

Anna- Anna made a lot of mistakes too which is something she is never really called out on. That aggravated me a little bit because Sean had to pay for his mistakes and it felt like she didn’t. She came off as a saint and I was stuck going… uh hello? She kept his child from him for four years and he doesn’t even really yell at her. No matter what happened between them, that was wrong of her and she constantly threw his bad choices in his face, but her’s was never really acknowledged. It just didn’t sit well with me.

“Cataloging the tone and the pitch, I added it to the symphony of sounds seared into my brain. And I knew without a doubt that in a sea of voices, I’d always hear hers.”

Willow- My heart broke for Sean when I found out that he had missed out on four years of his daughters life, but it broke even more for Willow. She was just so sweet and perfect and precious. When her hearing problem came to light, I couldn’t stop crying. I felt so bad for this little girl and when the scenes happened where she swayed to the music, I sobbed. Sean hooking up the machine in his basement so Willow could see the colors was heart-wrenching for me and seeing this little girl get to play the drums brought an emotion out in me that I can’t even put into words.

“Asking me to love you is like asking me to breathe. I don’t have a choice, baby.”

Logan- Is it just me or was Logan being a grade A dick in this book?! That thing he pulled with Kimber was unacceptable and I wanted to punch him in the face.

“Anna didn’t put the music in my head, but without her, I couldn’t hear it. She was the muse.”

Kimber- I wish that Sean would have publicly shamed her or something. I know I wouldn’t have been able to keep my mouth shut if I was at an event with her.

“Holding onto anger was like drinking poison and hoping the other person would die.”

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. It ripped my heart out more than once, but it was totally worth it. I will be continuing the series and I can’t wait to read the next book!

Other Books in the Series:

5 🍁s ~ Gone For You (Sixth Street Bands #1) by Jayne Frost

3.5 🍁s ~ Fall With Me (Sixth Street Bands #2) by Jayne Frost

DNF ~ Lost For You (Sixth Street Bands #4) by Jayne Frost

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Fall With Me (Sixth Street Bands #2) by Jayne Frost


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Love isn’t an emotion—it’s a chemical reaction.
Like gasoline meeting a flame. Eventually, the fire burns out.
Luckily I’m in the right business. Women don’t expect more than I can give.
When I meet Melody, I’m on board for a little fun.
I admit, she’s under my skin. But since we share the same philosophy there’s no chance this will turn into anything more.
Is there?

3.5 🍁s

In a couple of weeks, winter would descend and sweep away the fall, along with the girl that smelled like autumn. Logic told me it was true. But the invisible fingers wrapped around my heart gave me pause. In reality I knew they didn’t exist, any more than the notion that love was a permanent state of mind. But if that were the case, why couldn’t I breathe?

I really liked this installment in the Sixth Street Bands series. While I didn’t enjoy it as much as the first book, it was still a solid sequel.

Christian- I didn’t get to see much of Christian in the first book. He was in the hospital for the majority of that installment and his personality didn’t come through a lot. This book was completely told through his POV (except for the epilogue), and I fell in love with him as a person. He went from this guy that didn’t believe in love or anything that he couldn’t touch, to taking a leap and throwing his heart on the line. That’s great character development people!

Melody- I’m not gonna lie, Mel rubbed me the wrong way for the first few chapters. I didn’t like how she carried herself and it took a while for me to warm up to her. After I found out more about her past and learned about her having diabetes, my view completely changed. Her character made a lot more sense and my heart reached out to her. I can’t imagine the life she has had to live and I’m happy that her and Christian found each other.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. It started out a little rough, but definitely got better. I will be continuing the series and I can’t wait to read the next book!

Other Books in the Series:

5 🍁s ~ Gone For You (Sixth Street Bands #1) by Jayne Frost

4 🍁s ~ Missing From Me (Sixth Street Bands #3) by Jayne Frost

DNF ~ Lost For You (Sixth Street Bands #4) by Jayne Frost

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Gone For You (Sixth Street Bands #1) by Jayne Frost


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As the guitarist for the rock band Caged, I know the rules: no relationships. No complications. Leave ‘em smiling when you go, but always go. Besides, it’s not like I’m ever in one place for more than a few days at a time. As the next hottest thing out of Austin, the band and me are riding the wave, and the music is all that matters.

Until her…

Lily Tennison has “complication” written across her beautiful face. But I can’t get involved. The timing’s all wrong. But she’s under my skin, and I can’t resist her troubled eyes and sweet smile. And I do have a little time to kill. Not much, just a few days in Dallas.

So I’ll scratch the itch and move on, like I always do.

Simple, right?

Note: You won’t need to turn up the heat — Sixth Street Bands Romances have plenty of steamy fun. This story can be read as a stand-alone but is part of the Sixth Street Bands music scene.


The world slowed down, and everything fell into place. It was like harmony. Or hitting the perfect note. Finding the one lyric that made the song complete. That was Lily.

This book popped into my suggested on Amazon and, on a whim, I decided to give it a try. And I am SO glad I did because I loved this book! It was fast paced, constantly had my attention, and was so addictive that I read it in one sitting! I ate the story up and I couldn’t get enough!

Cameron- Cameron completely stole my heart during this book. His attempts to woo Lilly melted my heart and I adored his character. That scene when he told Brad off was the highlight of my week and my face started to hurt because I was smiling so much. My heart broke for him when Lilly left and watching him be so sad over her made me tear up.

Lilly- I really related to Lilly and her whole back story completely broke my heart. The fact that her mom hated her for her stuttering makes me so angry and I am SO happy that Lilly has found happiness now. I only wish that she would have found the courage to cuss her mom out.

The Band- I loved all of Cameron’s band mates (even though we learned more about some than others). I can’t wait to read each of their stories!

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and I can’t wait to continue the series!

Other Books in the Series:

3.5 🍁s ~ Fall With Me (Sixth Street Bands #2) by Jayne Frost

4 🍁s ~ Missing From Me (Sixth Street Bands #3) by Jayne Frost

DNF ~ Lost For You (Sixth Street Bands #4) by Jayne Frost