Review Policy

I’m always open to being contacted about books and reviews, and even though I cannot promise to accept everything, please do not hesitate to contact me. You can email me at

My reviews will always be my honest opinion and my own. If I do not enjoy your book, or if I find the content problematic, my review will be critical and constructive.

I am also open to sharing my reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, Twitter, Bloglovin’, as well as my website. If you have any other specific requests, please let me know.

I’m Currently Accepting:
∴ Review Requests
∴ Interviews
∴ Blog Tours
∴ Giveaways

I Review a Wide Variety of Genres, but Mostly:
∴ Fantasy
∴ Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance
∴ Mythology
∴ Retellings
∴ Contemporary
∴ Romance/Erotica
∴ Reverse Harem Romance

My Rating System:
∴ 1 Star- Didn’t Like It
∴ 2 Stars- It Was Okay
∴ 3 Stars- Liked It
∴ 4 Stars- Really Liked It
∴ 5 Stars- Loved It