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BLOG TOUR (+EXCERPT): Condemned To Love by Siobhan Davis

Her teen crush is now a ruthless killer and powerful mafia heir.
Will one life-altering night unite or destroy them?

Bennett Mazzone grew up ignorant of the truth: he is the illegitimate son of the most
powerful mafia boss in New York. Until it suited his father to drag him into a world where

power, wealth, violence, and cruelty are the only currency.

Celebrating her twenty-first birthday in Sin City should be fun for Sierra Lawson, but
events take a deadly turn when she ends up in a private club, surrounded by dangerous

men who always get what they want.
And they want her.

Ben can’t believe his ex’s little sister is all grown up, stunningly beautiful, and close to
being devoured by some of the most ruthless men he has ever known. The Vegas trip is
about strengthening ties, but he won’t allow his associates to ruin her perfection.
Although it comes at a high price, saving Sierra is his only choice.

The memory of Ben’s hands on her body is seared into Sierra’s flesh for eternity. She
doesn’t regret that night. Not even when she discovers the guy she was crushing on as
a teenager is a cold, calculating killer with dark impulses and lethal enemies who want

him dead.

Understanding the risks, she walks away from the only man she will ever love, stowing
her secrets securely in her heart. Until the truth becomes leverage and Sierra is drawn
into a bloody war—a pawn in a vicious game she doesn’t want to play.
As the web of deceit is finally revealed, Ben will stop at nothing to protect Sierra. Even if
loving her makes him weak. In a world where women serve a sole purpose, and
alliances mean the difference between life and death, can he fight for love and win?

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Just as I was starting to lose my anger, it returns full force, slapping me in the
face. “I don’t want your dirty money!” I hiss, prodding my finger in his chest.
An amused grin spreads across his mouth, and I want to scream. “I run several
successful legitimate businesses. I assure you my money is about as dirty as yours.”
He has an answer for everything. It’s infuriating. “You truly have no shame,” I seethe.
How dare he invade my privacy like this. He has no right. “Next, you’ll be telling me you
know my bra size.”
His eyes lower to my chest, and I scowl, wanting to wrap my arms around myself to
deprive him of the view. But I won’t give him the satisfaction of letting him know how
much he is getting to me either, so I don’t move a muscle.
“You were definitely a B cup in Vegas, but I’m guessing you’re a C cup now.” He
steps a little closer, and though my instinct is to fall back, I stand my ground, refusing to
let this asshole intimidate me again. Bending down, he presses his warm mouth to my
ear. “I would need to conduct a physical exam to make an accurate assessment.”

I push him away, glaring at him. “You’re a pig.”
His lips pull up at the corners. “I don’t remember you complaining in Vegas. In fact, I
distinctly remember you begging me to suck harder on your nipples as I plowed my
cock into your greedy pussy.”
“Get out!” I bark, pointing at the door. “Just go.”
He winks, and I invoke every shred of willpower I possess not to lunge at him and
gouge out his eyeballs.
“Until tomorrow.” He gives me a curt nod before exiting my kitchen, and I slump back
in my chair, relieved he is gone but a little disappointed too.

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