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ARC REVIEW: Breathe Me (Breathe Me Duet #1) by C.R. Jane & Ivy Fox

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They say that true love only comes once in a lifetime.
In my case, they were wrong.
I gave my heart away three times.
To the blue eyed sensitive soul, who read poetry when he thought no one was looking.
To the green eyed jock, who made you laugh as hard as he made you cry.
And to the dark eyed boy, whose dark heart only ever beat for me.

They were my everything, until suddenly they weren’t.
They asked me to choose, but they were asking the impossible.

Now it’s my turn to ask for more than what they are willing to give.
I only have three months left, and I just want to spend it with them.
Will they accept my offer, or will four hearts live the remaining days of their lives in regret of what could have been?

The letters have been sent.
All that remains is for me to wait.
Wait to see if their hearts are still mine.
Because for as long as mine beats, it will always belong to them.


*I received an eARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

When I heard that two of my absolute favorite romance authors were teaming up to co-write a book, believe me when I say I was stoked. I didn’t even need to know what the book was about, I was just prepared to go in and fall in love. And that’s what I did. All the way. This book had my whole heart and didn’t let go throughout the entire book. I went in with high expectations and this book broke all of them to shreds. It deserves all of the stars and more. I need the next book like I need air!

Other Books in the Series:

  • Book 2 – To Be Released

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