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Fae Crate Unboxing | Power Up (July 2019)

Screenshot_2019-06-11 Fae Crate - Let's live a thousand live together

Hello Lovelies! I’m back with another unboxing of my favorite subscription box, Fae Crate. These boxes are the highlight of my month and I could not love the items more! I hope you enjoy this month’s unboxing as much as I did!

July’s Theme:

Image result for fae crate july power up

Let’s start off with this month’s theme which was Power Up! I’m not gonna lie, I wasn’t really sure if I was going to like this month’s box. You see, the entire thing was based on Superheroes/Villains. Well, anyone that knows me knows that I have never been into that kind of thing so I was really leery of buying this box. Especially considering all of the fandoms listed to be in this box were ones that I wasn’t a part of.

Alas, despite my better judgement, I bought the box… and I am SOOOO glad I did! This box had some of my favorite items that I have ever gotten in it and one of the prettiest books I have ever seen!

The Box Itself:

For those that haven’t seen my previous unboxings, this is what the box looks like. It’s beautiful isn’t it?!

I just love everything about this book and the way it looks. The color and logo fit the company perfectly, the *CAUTION: magic inside* lid is absolutely adorable, and the sides that have the company slogan which say, “Let’s live a thousand lives together” just warms my heart.

The Items in the Box:


Renegades Sorting Candle ~ Not only is this item great on its own, but it is extra special to me because it is the first ever bookish candle in my collection!! I was SO excited when I heard that this candle was going to be included, not only because of what it is, but because it is an extra special candle!

Based on the color of the candle when lit, it sorts you into either one of two categories: Blue for Renegades and Red for Anarchists. Unfortunately, because of the glare from the flame, my candle looks red, but it was actually blue!

The only thing better than it being a sorting candle was its scent! It is cherry and almond scented and let me tell you… I. AM. IN. LOVE!!! It just smells SOOOOO good!!!

The only thing bad is that I haven’t read this series yet! So I don’t even know what Anarchists or Renegades are… Which side is good and which side is bad? Please let me know in the comments!


Steelheart Lanyard ~ If I hadn’t just got the prefect lanyard during Fae Crate’s past item sale, I would have definitely been using this item! I just love lanyards so much and the wording on it is so cool! It says, “WHERE THERE ARE VILLAINS, THERE WILL BE HEROES.” Ahhh!!! I just love that line so much!!!


XL Lunar Chronicles Pouch ~ *sighs dreamily* Who wouldn’t love this pouch?!?! It is just so beautiful!!! And the saying on it just cracks me up! It says, “Still holding out for that reward money” which I am told is a Thorne quote in the book Cress. I haven’t gotten to that installment yet so I’m not sure, but that sounds like Thorne and I will love this bag regardless!

When I say extra large, I am not kidding! This is the biggest pouch I have ever seen! I mean it’s bigger than my purse! There are just so many things I could use it for that my head is spinning.


Hero Pop Socket ~ If it wasn’t for the candle, this would probably be my favorite item in this box! Not only is it special because it is my first pop socket, but it is also a reversal of one of my favorite quotes ever, “Every villain is the hero of their own story”!! It is just so perfect!


Mystery Hero Cord Protector ~ This is the only item in this box that I didn’t like. From my understanding, everyone got a random cord protector put in their box. I don’t know who mine is supposed to be, but I’m not going to end up using it either way. I ended up just giving it to my younger brother.

Monthly Polaroid and Coin:

For those that don’t know, each month Fae Crate has a monthly Polaroid picture that they include and (starting last month) a monthly coin. These are exclusive to each month and you cannot get them again. Fae Crate announces what the Polaroid is to look like and what fandom the coin is going to be from on their Instagram. I highly encourage you to check them out so you can decide if you want a box before they sell out!


Carry On Polaroid ~ Anyone that is involved in the bookish community, regardless of if you have read this book (like me), knows about this ship. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen Simon and Baz mentioned on someone’s favorite ships list. And after seeing this Polaroid, I can definitely see why! Look how adorable they are together!!

Young Elites Coin ~ I might not be a part of this fandom, but this has got to be my favorite coin yet! It is just SOOOO beautiful and, for those that don’t know, the rose happens to be my favorite flower so I was kind of destined to fall in love with this coin!

August’s Polaroid and Coin have already been announced. For those that want to know, they are:

  • August ~ King of Scars Polaroid and Percy Jackson Coin

Monthly Ebook Download:

Each month not only does Fae Crate include a hardcover book, but they also include a code so you can download a free ebook! The ebook for this month was Deviation by Christine Manzari. While it didn’t seem like my kind of book, I appreciate Fae Crate and the author’s gift anyways.

However, the download code was included on the back of this card which is just SO beautiful and I will be adding it to my bookish art wall:


Book of the Month:

The Book of the Month was Collateral Damage by Taylor Simonds. The hardcover included in the box for this month was a Fae Crate exclusive which means that you can’t get it anywhere else! The cover for this book was more than just an exclusive cover though! This Fae Crate edition has:

  • Reversible Dust Jacket
  • Embossed Naked Book
  • Author letter printed inside
  • Signed bookplate.


Thank you for joining me today! I had so much fun opening this box and talking about all of the bookish items inside! What about you? Do you subscribe to Fae Crate? Do you subscribe to any other monthly book boxes? What do you think of my unboxing and the items in this month’s box? Please let me know!

~𝒜𝓊𝓉𝓊𝓂𝓃 💕

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