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Top 5 Wednesday | SFF Book Bloggers

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Hello Lovelies! Today’s Top 5 Wednesday topic is:

SFF BFFs -BooktubeSFF Awards Crossover Topic-
— Discuss your favorite friends in Scifi and Fantasy, or characters you’d be BFFs with.

I ultimately decided to change this topic a little bit and make a post about five awesome book bloggers (who talk a lot about sci-fi and fantasy) that I consider my friends. All of the people below are absolutely wonderful, make great and unique content, and are always spreading love around the community. I highly encourage you to check them out!

Plus, a few weeks ago, one of the topics was Favorite SFF Booktubers, so I thought I’d shine some light on some book bloggers this week.

 Su @ Bemused Bibliophile

Su is just SO wonderful and a constant joy to talk to. We are always chatting back and forth over little things and it is something that I have come to really look forward to.

 Erik @ BreakEven Books

We just recently found each other when we bonded over our love of Red Rising and the GIFT that is Sevro au Barca, but we Erik and I are fast friends.


 Ally @ Ally Writes Things

I always look forward to Ally’s posts. She has some of the most unique and thought provoking discussions on her blog. I highly enjoy talking to her.

 Octavia @ Mythical Reads

Octavia and I have gone back and forth over many different things and we have even collabed together! I love talking to her and our collab is one of my favorite posts that I have done. It can be found here if you are interested.

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 Laura @ Laura Reads and Writes

Laura and I bonded over our love of Sarah J. Maas books and then things seemed to take off from there. We started talking about other authors, our favorite books, TV shows, movies, and just every day life. Now, I talk to her every day!

Plus, she is the only other person I have met that prefers Robb Stark over Jon Snow… KING ROBB FOREVER!!

Thank you for joining me today! Those were just a few of some amazing people we have in the bookish community! I’m hoping to do more posts like this in the future because there are SO many more book bloggers that deserve recognition. I hope that you check these people out (if you haven’t already)! Also, please feel free to leave a link to your T5W post so I can check yours out!

~𝒜𝓊𝓉𝓊𝓂𝓃 💕

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