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Remember You This Way (The Sound of Us #2) by C.R. Jane


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Can you ever really start over? It’s the question that follows Ariana now that she’s reunited with the boys from the Sound of Us.

Haunted by the past and her hopefully soon to be ex-husband, Ari is dragged along as the band continues its world tour. Touring the world together…it’s what they all used to dream about. Sold out stadiums and screaming fans, it’s everything anyone would want.

But with broken hearts to mend, groupies to ignore, and someone who clearly wants Ariana to leave for good, is their dream more of a nightmare? Can Ariana discover her own song before it’s too late?


That’s the thing about fear, it comes at you when you least expect it and all you can do is try to get through it to the other side.

Did I think it was possible for me to love this series more after the first book? No… but I was SOOOO wrong! This book was absolutely amazing and I could not get enough! I fell in love the characters more than I thought possible and their story just gripped my heart and wouldn’t let go!

The guys weren’t on a journey with me; they were my destination.

Arianna- Ari’s going through her issues, but she hasn’t given up which is something that I really admire. She fights tooth and nail for her guys and what she wants. I love her as a character so much and her inner strength is inspiring. I’m dying to know what happened five years ago that made her run away. I need answers!

The problem with reuniting, however, was that our pieces didn’t quite fit like they did before… and I didn’t know if they ever would again.

Jensen- Before reading this book, I didn’t really like Jensen because of how he treated Ari. While reading this though, I completely fell in love with him. Deep down, he is just a broken boy that feels responsible for everyone around him. He puts all this weight on his shoulders because he feels like he is supposed to make everyone happy. It breaks my heart and I am so happy that I got to know him better in this book.

In Ari, I found more than love, more than hope and peace. I found my home.”

Jesse- Jesse is SO sweet and kind and caring and I. LOVE. HIM. SO. MUCH. He is always there for Ari and is the first one to jump to her defense. When the guys came storming in at the beginning of this book, he automatically believed Ari and took her side. It warmed my heart and he is just so precious to me.

“We’re going to fix you, princess. Until you remember what having us love you feels like. Until you remember what it feels like to be safe and adored.”

Tanner- Tanner is always on that razor edge which is something that I love about his character. He is always ready to throw down and he’d fight the whole world for Ari if he had to. I am excited beyond words for his book!

Overall, I highly enjoyed this book and I could not encourage you to read it more. This story is about heartbreak and second chances and I went through so many different emotions while reading it. It will certainly stay in my heart for many years to come. I need the next book like I need air!

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