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April Wrap Up | 2019 Wraps Ups

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Hello Lovelies! April went by SUPER fast for me, but I am SO ready for May to get here! I decided to change up my Wrap Ups a little bit. I’m going to do a top section like I usually do, where I discuss the books that I read. AND I will be doing an additional section where I have statistics and charts for people who love to look at them like I do!

Total Books Read: 22

Total Pages Read: 6,798

ARCs Reviewed: 5

Books I DNF’d: 4

Average Rating: 3.75

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Genre: ADULT Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance

I started this month off by getting completely caught up on The Lords of the Underworld series. I have enjoyed all of the books (except for the disaster that is The Darkest Warrior) and I am anxiously awaiting the release of the next book sometime this year.


Genre: ADULT Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance

I really liked this book and the series does hold a special place in my heart. Unfortunately, after much consideration, I have decided to not continue this series anymore for reasons explained in my review.

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Genre: ADULT Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance

Next, I read the first few installments in the Dark Protectors series. I am really enjoying it so far and I plan to come back to the series sometime in May. I just needed a little break after binging all of those books.

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Genre: ADULT Contemporary Rockstar Romance

I fell IN LOVE with this series this month! I had been looking for a good rockstar romance for a while and I am SO happy that I found this series. These books are just the right mix of romance with a hint of dark that I love. I still have one more book to go (which is arguably the darkest in the series) which I will be getting to some time in May.


Genre: ADULT Contemporary Romance

I really enjoyed this book. It was a classic Alexa Riley but surprisingly sweet. I just loved the dynamic between the two characters and the romance was developed perfectly.


Genre: ADULT Reverse Harem Contemporary Romance

I. HAVE. FALLEN. IN. LOVE. WITH. THIS. BOOK. YOU. HAVE. NO. IDEA. It is SOOO good and I immediately jumped into the next book!

ARCs Reviewed:

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YA Fantasy:

ADULT Science Fiction:

ADULT Contemporary Romance:

ADULT Reverse Harem Romance:


*NOTE: I would usually do a chart with my E-book/Hardcover/Paperback/Audiobook reads broken up, but I only read e-books this month.*

Screenshot_2019-05-01 Live Chart Editor

This chart breaks up the books I read into genres. I wish that I would have gotten some more RH and fantasy in this month…

Screenshot_2019-05-01 Live Chart Editor(1)

I am actually really happy with these numbers. I rated a LOT more books 5 & 4 stars than I did last month. The only bad thing is that I did DNF a few more books than I usually do.

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I read a lot of smaller books this month which I’m not the happiest about. I am excited that I got a couple of 500 page books in this month though. I am planning on reading bigger books in May though for the Shelfcrate Readathon.

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I was able to get a few ARCs reviewed this month. I’m going to have at least four more coming out in May. I’m really excited to dive right into them!

By the way, I know a lot of people get their ARCs from NetGalley, but I recently signed up for Hidden Gems Books and I have had an amazing experience with them! I have never been denied for a book and I have found a lot of titles on there that I enjoyed. I encourage you to check them out if you haven’t already done so.

April in Review:

I am really happy with how April turned out! I got so much done and I have been able to really focus on my blog. Speaking of which, I want to thank each and every one of you for 200 followers! It means more than I can put into words. 💕

I also want to thank anyone who follows my Twitter or Bookstagram because I recently hit 500 followers on both platforms. Every time someone hits that follow button, I am in awe that you really care about my opinion that much. It’s surreal.

A Sneak Peak Into May:

I mentioned it earlier, but I am going to be participating in the Shelflove Crate Readathon is May. I am SOO excited since this is my first readathon and my TBR should be coming out on my blog VERY soon.

For my fellow Bookstagramers, I am doing my first ever Challenge this month!! 💕 I would love it if you would participate with me using the hashtag #BOOKREADSMAY19 on Instagram. What happens is that you post a picture on Instagram each day for the prompt given. Here is the picture of my Challenge if you are interested in participating:

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Thank you for joining me today! If you have made it this far, I really thank you! I hope you enjoyed my Wrap Up and please feel free to leave a link to yours down below so I can check it out!

~𝒜𝓊𝓉𝓊𝓂𝓃 💕

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