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His Goddess (Tarilean Adventure Series #1) by D. Morrissey


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Shot down on a strange hostile planet, Captain Cora Carter isn’t sure which is worse: the vicious space pirates or the hot, possessive alien who insists that she’s his mate.

Science Fiction Romance, Alien Romance, Fantasy Dying Earth, Language of Love is Unspoken, Don’t judge a book by its cover

When Cora Carter signed up to command the U.S.S. Christina and its five female crew, she never expected to be chased by pirates through a worm-hole in space or forced to crash land on a hostile planet where just about everything wants to kill or eat her. Setting out to find water for the crew proves to be her most dangerous mission yet. But, water becomes the least of her worries when she finds, instead, a big, hunky brute in a loincloth who insists that she’s his mate.

Horok, crowned prince of Tarilax, is taking a break from the heavy demands of his throne when he sees a ship go down in the forest. His fear that the piratical Goridians have arrived to threaten his village again drives him to investigate. What he finds is something much better. The gods have delivered to him a divine goddess of his very own, and right when he’s in such dire need of a mate, too!

There’s no question that he must have her. So, he does what any self-respecting Tarilean warrior in his shoes would do. He steals her. Now, if he can just convince her to stay.

Reader Alert!
If smoking hot, possessive aliens aren’t really your thing, then you may not enjoy reading His Goddess, Book One of the Tarilean Adventure Series. For the rest of us who love a sexy, sizzling story with a dash of humor and a happy ending, His Goddess is both stimulating and satisfying.

4.5 🍁s

*I received a free copy of this book via Hidden Gems Books in exchange for an honest review.*

I loved this book! The pacing was spot on and I was never bored while reading it. I laughed a lot and there was more than a few moments that I absolutely adored. I enjoyed the love story (even though it moved fast) and I really want to continue on with these characters.

The only minor complaint that I have is that I felt like all of the female characters (besides Cora) weren’t different in personality. The only one that stood out even a little was Lisa. All of the others felt like the exact same and I kept getting them mixed up. There might be a reason for this which is why I didn’t lower my rating dramatically over the issue. It’s very possible that the author is going to develop their characters a lot more in their own individual installments. I guess I’ll wait and see.

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