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Gone For You (Sixth Street Bands #1) by Jayne Frost


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As the guitarist for the rock band Caged, I know the rules: no relationships. No complications. Leave ‘em smiling when you go, but always go. Besides, it’s not like I’m ever in one place for more than a few days at a time. As the next hottest thing out of Austin, the band and me are riding the wave, and the music is all that matters.

Until her…

Lily Tennison has “complication” written across her beautiful face. But I can’t get involved. The timing’s all wrong. But she’s under my skin, and I can’t resist her troubled eyes and sweet smile. And I do have a little time to kill. Not much, just a few days in Dallas.

So I’ll scratch the itch and move on, like I always do.

Simple, right?

Note: You won’t need to turn up the heat — Sixth Street Bands Romances have plenty of steamy fun. This story can be read as a stand-alone but is part of the Sixth Street Bands music scene.


The world slowed down, and everything fell into place. It was like harmony. Or hitting the perfect note. Finding the one lyric that made the song complete. That was Lily.

This book popped into my suggested on Amazon and, on a whim, I decided to give it a try. And I am SO glad I did because I loved this book! It was fast paced, constantly had my attention, and was so addictive that I read it in one sitting! I ate the story up and I couldn’t get enough!

Cameron- Cameron completely stole my heart during this book. His attempts to woo Lilly melted my heart and I adored his character. That scene when he told Brad off was the highlight of my week and my face started to hurt because I was smiling so much. My heart broke for him when Lilly left and watching him be so sad over her made me tear up.

Lilly- I really related to Lilly and her whole back story completely broke my heart. The fact that her mom hated her for her stuttering makes me so angry and I am SO happy that Lilly has found happiness now. I only wish that she would have found the courage to cuss her mom out.

The Band- I loved all of Cameron’s band mates (even though we learned more about some than others). I can’t wait to read each of their stories!

Overall, I really enjoyed this book and I can’t wait to continue the series!

Other Books in the Series:

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4 🍁s ~ Missing From Me (Sixth Street Bands #3) by Jayne Frost

DNF ~ Lost For You (Sixth Street Bands #4) by Jayne Frost

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