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The Darkest Promise (Lords of the Underworld #13) by Gena Showalter


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New York Times bestselling author Gena Showalter returns with a sizzling Lords of the Underworld story about an iron-willed sovereign and the somber beauty who melts him with a glance

Possessed by the demon of Misery, Cameo isn’t allowed to experience joy. If she dares, her memory is wiped clean. With no other recourse, she sneaks into a land more fantastical than any fairy tale, determined to find the one man with the key to her redemption.

Lazarus the Cruel and Unusual rules his kingdom with a single unwavering focus: to build his army and annihilate his enemies. Nothing distracts him – until Cameo. He is relentless in his quest to make her smile and seduce her into his bed.

As dark forces conspire against them, threatening to destroy the fragile bond they’ve forged, the once-calm Lazarus grows crazed. Every heart-stopping kiss and wicked touch causes Cameo to teeter on the brink of happiness. But if she falls, she risks forgetting him forever.

3.5 🍁s

“Don’t try to stay ten moves ahead of your opponent. Stay behind him with a knife.”

I liked this installment in the Lords of the Underworld series. It wasn’t the best and it certainly wasn’t my favorite, but I liked what it added to the story. I had been waiting for Cameo and Lazarus’s story for a long time and I was ultimately satisfied with it. Their relationship and its development wasn’t my problem, the pacing of the overall story was.

Cameo- I love Cameo and I really admire her. She is strong, brave, compassionate, devoted, and I empathize strongly with her need to prove herself because of the self-doubt she constantly carries. I have always felt bad for her character because she is inhabited by Misery and this book only reiterated that. I never knew how badly the demon affected her and how it brought her down day after day. I can’t begin to imagine what she has had to deal with over the course of her life and the small glimpse during this book is enough for me.

Lazarus- Lazarus was everything I had hoped him to be. He was snarky, badass, tough, and an absolute joy to follow. I loved discovering all of his abilities and learning more about his past. Plus, his constant power struggle with Cameo was the highlight of my reading. He is by far one of my favorite males in this series.

Viola- Viola played a bigger role in this book than I thought she was going and I am happy about it. I enjoyed every one of her scenes and I need more of her! I liked her before this book and I want to see her story play out with Brochan.

Ever & Urban- These two are constantly showing up and flipping everything on its head. They are going to be a source of trouble for many books to come, I can already tell. Viola actually mentions that she feels bad for whoever ends up with Ever and I am telling you right now, I am DYING for that book. I need it right now! I also have to add that Urban’s little crush on Viola is cute right now, but it could easily turn disastrous in future books.

Siobhan- Siobhan was an… interesting… surprise. I was not expecting her to show up at all and I was shocked when I got her point of view. I must say though, every time I was in her POV, I was on the edge of my seat. Is she a villain? A possible Hades love interest? A possible ally that will be added to the Lords of the Underworld family? I just don’t know! Plus, she mentioned William’s mate being out there for like two sentences and my entire world was rocked! I need more of her predictions and information pronto!

Rathbone- Umm… yes please? I want more information on him and while you’re at it Gena, can you smack him over the head with a love interest? Please? I need more of his banter and snark!

Axel- A possible William twin? Uhh… what? Gena completely shocked me with Axel’s character for like three paragraphs and then he was completely dropped?! Who is he and is he related to William?! Tell me!

Overall, I enjoyed this book. It wasn’t bad. I just felt like the pacing was slow for a large portion of it and I didn’t connect with the characters as much as I would have liked to. This book felt almost like a filler. A lot of future stuff was teased and left open ended. I spent more time caring about the unanswered questions than focused on Cameon and Lazarus’s relationship.

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