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Roadie (Rock-Hard Beautiful #2) by C.M. Stunich


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WARNING: This book features one stronghearted young woman and her five rockstar lovers. All six of them are struggling to overcome their dark pasts while falling more deeply in love.
P.S. Nobody said she had to pick just one.
Turn the page only if you enjoy true love, raw grief, genuine human connection, rock ‘n’ roll, and books with unfiltered, unashamed sex.

“I’m in love with five bad boy rockstars. But is our love strong enough to overcome our tragedy?”

Lilith Goode is dating—and in love with—five gorgeous rockstars.
She shares her body, her heart, and her soul with each one of them.

Paxton is the leader, covered in tattoos, and cocky as hell.
Michael is the bad boy determined to change his ways.
Ransom is the scarred one, dark and beautiful.
Muse is the practical one, the enigma with a silver mohawk.
Copeland is the boy next door with a penchant for reading romance novels.

Together, these six twisted souls make up one beautiful whole.
But can one woman really love five different men?
What if they’re all tattooed, pierced, scarred, and broken?
And what if they all need her as much she needs them?

Their love is as unconventional as their music.
Rock ‘n’ roll, romance, redemption.
A story about finding beauty everywhere … even in a lie.

Roadie, Book #2 in the Rock-Hard Beautiful Trilogy
a New Adult Erotic Rocker Romance from International Bestselling Author C.M. Stunich

***ROADIE is a 90,000 word novel about strong emotions, difficult pasts, and vibrant love. It contains bad boy rockers, rock ‘n’ roll concerts, handcuffs, friendship, explicit sex scenes and forgiveness. This is a MMMFMM book with a STRONG focus on the woman (although there is some light M/M in here, too) aka a reverse harem novel (one woman, five guys). It has a happy ending, NO cliff-hanger, and is the second book in a trilogy.

4.5 🍁s

Lilith,” he says, and he sounds so boy next door, so apologetic, that I can hardly even believe he’s breaking up with me.
“I told you – I told you – that guys like Copeland Park were the most dangerous. The nice ones, the sweet ones, the ones that promise that everything will be okay with a single look. They’re the ones that fuck you over the hardest.”

I really liked this book. It was fast paced and I didn’t want to put it down. I enjoyed all of the different POVS and I thought they were all unique with distinctive qualities to them. I was really happy that this book started off right where Groupie ended and that the transfer from book one to book two was smooth and flowed well.

I like Lilith. I feel like she is a great balance for each of the boys and I think she compliments all of their different qualities really well. I like that she is always there for them, but she also allows them to take care of her in return. Even though not a lot of time has passed from where the series started, I feel like Lilith has grow tremendously and I feel like she has discovered who she was always meant to be.

I love the boys. They are all so different from each other it is shocking how they all fit together so perfectly. They each are what Lilith needs in different ways and I know that they will always be there to pick her up when she’s down. The boys all work together to be what Lilith needs and that is how I know that this relationship between them all will last.

I don’t know how I feel about the Paxton and Ransom relationship. I don’t really have a problem with it as long as it doesn’t negatively affect their relationship with Lilith. I do wish that C.M. Stunich would have given a little bit of warning in the synopsis though because I was a little blindsided by it. Though, I really should have seen it coming after the kissing and stuff between them in the last book.

Overall, I enjoyed this book. I am really interested in finding out what is going to happen next, especially with Lilith meeting Paxton’s family. I know that that isn’t going to go over well. I will definitely be continuing with the next book, Moxie.

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