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Top 5 Wednesday | Favorite SFF Creatures *Booktube SFF Awards Crossover Topic*

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Happy Wednesday! Today’s topic is one that I am really excited for and one that I had a lot of fun doing. It is:

March 6: Favorite SFF Creatures *Booktube SFF Awards Crossover Topic*
— Discuss your favorite creatures from Science Fiction and Fantasy books! This is a crossover topic with the Booktube SFF Awards Book Babble discussion for this week.

Fictional creatures are one of my favorite things to talk about period and I was ecstatic when I saw this topic. I am altering it slightly and I am including fictional creatures of any genre so there won’t be only fantasy/science fiction creatures. So, let’s just jump right in…

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The first time I saw a direwolf in Game of Thrones, I instantly fell in love. I wanted one as a pet so badly and more and more as the seasons went on. I recently found out that direwolves were real thousands of years ago and I am extremely sad that they went extinct. They must have been very beautiful creatures and it is tragic that they are gone.

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Ironteeth Witches

Sarah J. Maas is great at creating fictional characters but I must say, the Ironteeth witches are some of her most unique. I love the lore surrounding them and their way of life is just fascinating to me. I have always had a soft spot for morally grey characters and the Ironteeth are the epitome of that. Add in their wyverns and they are truly one of my favorite fictional creatures ever!

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∴ Angels

I know that angels might not be considered fictional because of all the real life religions surrounding them, but they are a fictional race in some fantasy novels so I will count them. I have always been enthralled by angels. Their beauty and the mysticism surrounding them just grabbed me as a child.

Image result for werewolf

∴ Shifters

The picture I used was a werewolf, but I mean all shifters. Werewolves, werecats, or just shape shifters in general. I have always been intrigued with the idea of being able to change into an animal. The idea of being able to change any aspect of my features at all is interesting to me. I have always loved to read about shifters and learning about all of the different types of them will never get old for me.

Image result for sarah j maas fae

∴ Fae

When I say fae, I mean the six-foot, elf-like ones. They are probably my favorite fictional species ever. I just love how regal and magical they are. The lore surrounding them and the Unseelie/Seelie courts are simply fascinating. I just eat any information I can find about fae up.

Thank you for joining me on Top 5 Wednesday. What are some of your favorite fictional creatures? Do we have any favorites in common?


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