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Summer’s Kiss (The Boys of Ocean Beach #1) by Angel Lawson


  Summer’s Kiss (The Boys of Ocean Beach #1) by Angel Lawson


Summer Barnes is on the run.
From her disastrous senior year of high-school.
From the mountain of secrets she’s been keeping.
She thought she could escape by running to the beach.
That a little bit of sun and sand would soothe her wounded soul.
She has no idea that four local beach bums will be the ones to make it all better.

Is Summer prepared to open her heart or will the past keep her from taking the chance?

Check out the new series by Amazon Best Selling Author Angel Lawson as she delves into heartache and love in this fresh contemporary romance!

*Summer’s Kiss is a reworked version of Angel’s book Serial Summer that is no longer available for sale. The current version is a reverse harem romance, completely re-written and with additional content.


DNF 71%
This book just isn’t for me. The reason I am DNFing it is because I don’t care about the characters or plot, I feel like the RH romance is subpar, and, at the end of the day, I realized that I can completely walk away from this book and I don’t have even an inkling to pick it back up. That is not the feeling I want to have when I read a book. I feel like the author is rushing the story in places that she shouldn’t be (like the romance) and slowing parts down that she shouldn’t be (like the investigation that her mom is doing for her book).

This book was originally published as a regular romance (with just one love interest) and I can definitely see evidence of that in the way that the book is written. Certain love interests just feel thrown in there and the MC falls for them magically overnight. I need more substance to my romances then what this book has which is ultimately the main reason I am dropping it. At the end of everything, I just don’t care if the characters end up together or not and that is not how I should be feeling as a character driven/emotional reader.

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