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Dangerous Deal (Desolate Lands #2) by Skye Jones


 Dangerous Deal (Desolate Lands #2) by Skye Jones


In a world gone insane, I found protection and love in the arms of four men. But when my love was tested I failed, and I lost them. I was taken and tortured and had to fight my way free to try to get back to the only place I truly belonged.


“I wanted to carve a slice of happiness out amidst the crazy, but the world might not let us.”

I really liked this book. It was a great second book to the series. I enjoyed the relationship development between characters and getting to delve more into their personalities. For instance, I learned something about Doc that surprised me and I am very interested in seeing where that leads.

The reason that I gave this book a lower rating than the last book would be for the use of the miscommunication trope. I HATE it so much and I really don’t like when authors use it. I feel like they should be able to come up with a genuine conflict between the characters instead of a misunderstanding that drives them apart over something stupid. It is a waste of my time and the consequences that that trope tends to have can be severe, particularly in the case of this book.

Overall, I enjoyed this book. I am considering reading the next book, but I am not sure. I feel like this story is being dragged out a little bit and I have absolutely NO interest in the cure/corrupt government plot line. I am here for the characters and that’s it. I’m just not sure if they are enough to motivate me to read the next book.

Other Books in the Series:

4.5 🍁s ~ Tempting Trade (Desolate Lands #1) by Skye Jones

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