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All for One (The Reverse Harem Diaries #1) by Mia Moon


∴ All for One (The Reverse Harem Diaries #1) by Mia Moon


Can you get a second chance — with three men at once?
We’re all grown up, and we’re finally in one place again.
Rex, Shaun and Taylor. My three best friends from high school.
Gorgeous, successful, sexy as hell.
They all came back into my life when I needed them most.
I can’t believe I’m having these fantasies about all of them.
About having all of them at once.
Then one warm night, everything explodes.
They’re willing to indulge my fantasies…
And give me a happy-ever-after.
Warning: This is a sweet-hot reverse harem romance with three hot alpha males who will do anything to protect their woman. It will make you sigh — and a few other things we can’t print.

2.5 🍁s

I liked this book. The pacing didn’t drag and I was never bored. It was a quick and easy read that passed the time. I liked the childhood friends to lovers element and felt like that part of the story was done well.

The reason this book did not get a higher rating from me was because I felt the pacing was a little too fast. I never had time to adjust to the scenes or bond with the characters because they would change before I got the chance to. I had a detachment to the story and none of it grabbed me like I wanted it to.

I also feel like none of the characters except for Samantha were developed enough. None of the guys were special in any way and didn’t have distinctive personalities either. They were all cookie cutter versions of popular male tropes and I didn’t connect with them at all.

Overall, this book just wasn’t for me. I feel like there should have been more scenes that developed the characters as well as their relationship. Everything was rushed and there was no build up what so ever. I needed more than I got.

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