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New Year Surprises by Brandy Slaven


∴ New Year Surprises by Brandy Slaven


If there’s one thing Imogene loves more than donuts it’s her two best friends. When a planned trip for the three of them goes awry, never in a million years did she think that it would end with her in the arms of five sexy strangers. Men who are more than willing to prove that she’s more than her own opinion of herself. A week alone in a remote cabin in the mountains puts more at risk than they all realize. Will they be able to keep their hands, and more importantly, hearts to themselves? Especially as the New Year brings them a surprise none of them are expecting.

3.5 🍁s

“Hello, gutter. Meet brain.”

I really liked this book. It was fast paced and the plot didn’t drag at all. It was a cute, fun, quick read that was perfect for this time of year. I went into it wanting a heartwarming romance and that is exactly what I got. I laughed a lot and there were just so many things in it that made me smile. I would really like to see more of these characters in the future.

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