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Shadow (New Species #9) by Laurann Dohner


∴ Shadow (New Species #9) by Laurann Dohner


Beauty resents being labeled Gift Species. Everyone is way too overprotective, males aren’t even allowed to speak to her and so far true freedom eludes her. Then a big, sexy Species officer mistakes her for the enemy and takes her to the ground.

Shadow is dumbfounded. He has a Gift pinned under him—a big no-no. But Beauty is fascinated and wants to know Shadow a lot better. She is full of newly discovered, unrequited passion and he’s just what she needs to satisfy her curiosity.

For Shadow, sex means pain and revulsion. For Beauty, it was enslavement and ridicule. Two lonely souls who have never known a lover’s touch, together in a cabin in the woods. Each touch, every discovery brings them closer to a life they never thought possible…beyond even their dreams.


“I wasn’t living. I was just existing.”

I loved this book. We finally got a New Species female and not only that, but a Gift Female. I was so excited going into this book and I was not disappointed. It was fast paced and constantly had my attention. The plot didn’t drag at all and I was always curious of what was going to happen next. I didn’t want to put this book down.

Shadow was great. I had met him before in Wrath’s story so I knew a little about him going in. I knew that he suffered more than most males and I was already emotionally connected to him. I had high hopes for him and he didn’t disappoint. There were times that I felt really bad for him and the situation he was in. I am really happy that he found Beauty and that he can find some form of peace after the tough life he has had to endure.

Beauty was so great. I loved every second of being in her head. She was a Gift Species so she had a harsh life growing up. Some of the things that went on in her head caused me to tear up because I just felt so bad for her. I can’t imagine going through that and coming out of it as strong as she did. Because she was a Gift, the New Species always treated her with kid gloves causing her to feel suffocated. At one point, she asks Breeze why she helped her escape her prison only to put her into a nicer one. That really struck a cord with me and I knew I loved her character right then. She might have been small, but she was fierce and incredibly brave. I really admired her strength and her will to get past all of the horrors she faced in life. I was glad that she found happiness with Shadow.

Honorable Mentions: Kit played a little more of a role in this book. Her name had come up before about her being extremely cold. More cold towards the males than most. I am wondering what happened to her to make her that way and I really want to find out.

Another Honorable Mention: I know that Moon’s book is next and after what happened to him during this book, I am extremely curious what will happen to him. I liked his character before and now I just can’t wait to find out what’s going to happen to him!

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