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Emerge (Hosting Gods #1) by Lena Mae Hill


∴ Emerge (Hosting Gods #1) by Lena Mae Hill


Love can save you…if it doesn’t destroy you first.
Gwen has spent her life on the road, picking up and moving every few months when her mother has a mental break. They take care of each other. They don’t need anyone else. Or so Gwen believes…until her mother announces she’s met a man online.
When they arrive at his opulent home, Gwen is plunged into a world that seems to good to be true. Suddenly she’s living in a mansion overlooking the beach and eating foods she’s only read about in paperback novels. Her mother’s new man has four gorgeous sons who don’t mind her complete social incompetence. And her mother seems to have controlled her inner demons for the moment.
But the family they’ve joined has more than its share of secrets. When strange phenomena begin to occur in their presence, Gwen must emerge from her protective shell and embrace a destiny she’s never imagined.


DNF 40%

I don’t know how I feel about this book. It started out really well and I was interested in the story. But after a while, things started making less sense and it almost felt like the author was getting ahead of herself. Things would be half explained and then used as if I was supposed to know what they meant. It made it hard to understand what was happening.

I also had a big problem with the scene jumps, between chapters especially. There would be times that the chapter would end someplace and then the next chapter would start off in a completely different place with a whole new plot line going on. A big example would be in between chapters 14 and 15. It was disorienting and made me really disconnect with the story.


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