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Wings of the Walker (The Walker #1) by Coralee June


∴ Wings of the Walker (The Walker #1) by Coralee June


Josiah Stonewell dug his hands into the filthiest parts of my soul and molded a perfect little Walker. I don’t know the exact moment I fell in love with him, but I do know that if anyone found out about our lingering stares, it would end his political career.

Josiah’s unexpected engagement has me squinting down the barrel of heartbreak, and to make matters worse; I find myself traded to Cyler Black and his leadership council in a distant Providence.

Soon, Cyler and his team of passionate leaders start to feel like family, and I’m promised freedoms I never imagined were possible; But Josiah’s not through with me yet, and war is on the horizon. Can I find happiness in my new home? Or will Josiah finally choose me?

This is a slow-burn reverse harem romance and the first book in the series.


“I think it’s easy to allow the grief of others to flow through you. It’s easy to cry or be mad. True strength means being a beacon of hope when everyone else gives into the darkness.”


I really liked this book. It had an interesting concept and I was eager to explore its world. The plot flowed well and I enjoyed the vast majority of my time while reading it.

Ash- Ash was a unique character to follow. She is a Walker, which is a servant class in this world. Her whole life is dedicated to servicing other people and she has little self-worth. This made me feel incredibly sad for her. This book starts out with her in love with her childhood friend and one of her Masters, Josiah. There is a little bit of forbidden love between them because of their drastic difference in status. While I liked Ash, her constant pining over Josiah made a big part of her point of view unenjoyable. She constantly talked about how much more important he was than her and how she wasn’t worthy of his attention. This made me really angry for her and at the situation that made her feel that way.

Josiah- I did not like Josiah. I knew from the moment he appeared on the page that he was bad news and was not good for Ash. He constantly reaffirmed this for me by his actions throughout the book. That scene where he cornered her in the kitchen was flat out scary and abusive. Ash is SO much better off without Josiah in the picture.

Cyler- I liked Cyler. His actions in the first few chapters really intrigued me and I started wanting him with Ash rather quickly. I liked how he constantly tried to make her see her own self-worth and I liked that he treated her how she deserved to be treated.

Maverick- I wish I would have gotten to see more of Maverick, but I already really love his character.

Kemp- I love Kemp. He is just such a sweetie pie.

Jacob- At first, I thought that Jacob was just going to play the flirty/playboy role. But after I heard what happened to him, I felt really bad for Jacob. My heart hurt for what he had been through and I really wanted to just give him a hug.

Patrick- I didn’t get to see that much of Patrick, so I don’t really have an opinion of him quite yet.

Huxley- This guy. Huxley carries so much guilt for what happened with Jacob and all he wants to do is protect his family. I admire the lengths he will go in order to do so. He was a little bit of an ass towards Ash in the beginning, but not in an over-the-top way.

Jules- I did not like her from the very beginning. But after I heard what she had done to Jacob, I really wanted to just punch her in the face.

What I Liked- I liked the guys and their relationship with Ash. I also liked seeing her slowly build up confidence in herself and learn that she is more than just a servant.

What I Didn’t Like- The last three chapters or so. They felt incredibly rushed and I am still not quite sure what happened. They caused me to completely take a star away.

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. I will probably be reading the next book in the series when I get a chance.

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