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Watercolour Smile (Seraph Black #2) by Jane Washington


∴ Watercolour Smile (Seraph Black #2) by Jane Washington


“Maybe I was stupid to have agreed to this, but when all of the options that you have in life are dangerous ones, you can only choose to do something reckless, or turn a blind eye and allow the cards to fall as they may… and I was sick of being blind.”

Seraph Black has endured a vicious stalker, a change of schools, a bonding, a triple-murder, and more than her fair share of uncomfortable situations; but it seems like the world isn’t done with her yet. The messenger is back with a systematic vengeance that knocks her flat, and not even her self-proclaimed secret-keepers are prepared for how far he is willing to go to get what he wants.

She is walking on eggshells, trying to keep everyone at a distance. Especially those that are closest to her. Unfortunately, there is one person who keeps slipping through the cracks: Silas Quillan, the gift in her life that keeps on taking. Every time she turns around, he’s taking something else from her: her choices, her privacy, her freedom, her sanity… and if she’s not careful, the the next victim might just be her heart.

Warning: While this book is intended for a young adult audience, it is not recommended for persons younger than 15 years, due to some disturbing themes.


I am absolutely in love with this series. There is plot twist after plot twist that left me reeling. I can never guess what is going to happen next and that is something that is very rare to come by especially in YA books in particular. You never know who the actual enemy is and every person is a friend and an enemy at the same time during this book. I still don’t have a clue what is going on and the picture just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

I love Seraph as a character. She is so strong and how she deals with all of the stuff going on in her life is beyond me. I love each of the male characters too. They just get better and better in my eyes as the series goes on. We delve into their personalities more and more and I love each and every one of them. They are each different and unique but somehow strangely fit into what Seraph needs.

I feel sometimes the author is just expecting us to understand all of Seraph’s feelings which is impossible. I kind of can’t understand how this series is labeled as a reverse harem because it seems like Seraph is only really romantically interested in one of the men from her pairs (Silas). Sometimes I think that it is possible that she wants all of them but Seraph isn’t always clear on her feelings for any of them. It is confusing at the best of times and I can’t tell if she is going to end up with all of them romantically or one of them or none of them.

The book ended on a massive cliffhanger that I can’t even begin to comprehend and I can’t wait to read the next book!

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