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Reviving Kendall (White Trash Trilogy #1) by Brandy Slaven


∴ Reviving Kendall (White Trash Trilogy #1) by Brandy Slaven


“I’m not so sure that I’m strong enough to take yet another blow to the heart.”

Growing up, I’ve always lived on the wrong side of the tracks. I’m used to the stares, name calling, and disrespect. A tragic accident that leaves me short three of the only people I’ve ever loved, has me devastated enough to try to end my own life. Just when I think there’s no hope, I find a reason to live again, or four of them as a matter of fact. Lucas, Maverick, Teagan, and Goose. But what happens when those bonds are tested? I’m not so sure that I’m strong enough to take yet another blow to the heart. My name is Kendall Davis and what if my story doesn’t have a happy ending?

*This is the first book in a Contemporary Reverse Harem Trilogy.

*Recommended 17+ due to mature language and situations.

4.75 🍁s

But there’s no rule saying that your heart is only big enough to fit one person. You can’t help who you love. If it’s there, then it’s there, and if people can’t deal, then you don’t need those people in your life.”

I loved this book. It has been on my TBR for forever and I had been waiting for the final book to come out before reading it. As the months went on, whenever I would scroll through my to-read list and see this book, I was tempted to pick it up. Finally, I cracked and decided I just couldn’t wait for the final book anymore. Let me tell you, I am so glad I finally read this book. It was EVERYTHING I have been wanting to read and more.
Kendall- I loved her. She has gone through more pain in her life than any person deserves and I couldn’t help but connect with her. This book starts out with her in a really dark place and watching her grow and persevere was awe-inspiring. There were many times I teared up over what was happening to her and any progress she made in this book just warmed my heart.

Teagan- I loved Teagan (I feel like I am going to say that a lot when it comes to these characters). He was sweet, but he was also flirty and intense which is a really interesting combination. I liked the fact that he was the first of the group to talk to Kendall, yet he was also the last one that she connected with intimately. I thought that a was a really nice touch on Brandy Slaven’s part.

Lucas- Lucas constantly melted my heart throughout this book. I just wanted to hug him and give him all the love he deserves. He understood Kendall on a basic level and I appreciated the fact that he tried to be friends with her before dating her.

Goose- I felt like Goose was the least developed of the guys. That isn’t to say that he wasn’t developed at all, I just feel like I know him the least out of the guys. He filled the gentle giant role and that was really it. I wish there would have been a little more of him.

Maverick- I went on a little more of a roller coaster of emotions with Maverick than I did with the other guys. One minute, I would be loving his broody, intense ass, and the next, I would want to punch him in the face for something he said to Kendall. The banter and the power struggle between him and Kendall was a sight to see though and I enjoyed every moment of it.

Ryleigh- Ryleigh was an interesting surprise in this book. I did not expect to love her character so much. She was a great friend towards Kendall and I really think she had a big impact on Kendall getting through some of the stuff she did.

Lincoln- Lincoln was also an interesting surprise. Based on what I saw of his character, I am wondering if Brandy Slaven plans on writing his story. Maybe in a spin-off? I would certainly love to see that. It also makes me wonder if we might ever get to see a spin-off about Lucas’s other brothers. Maybe another reverse harem story is in the works?

Derrik- That piece of crap deserves everything he got. I hope that Kendall never has to see his good for nothing ass again.

What I Liked- I liked the fact that Kendall had already been in a reverse harem relationship before. Out of all the RH stories I have read, I have never seen that and it was refreshing. Kendall truly loved Will, Brian, and Casey and I loved how Kendall was not ashamed to admit it. I also liked the fact the boys didn’t bat an eye when Kendall told them.

What I Didn’t Like- Nothing. This book was pretty perfect. The only minor problem I had was with Goose’s character development (as mentioned above).

SIDE NOTE- I absolutely LOVED that Beauty in the Lies from Groupie by C.M. Stunich was mentioned. I am all for the advertising of other RH stories in your books.

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