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Lead Heart (Seraph Black #3) by Jane Washington


∴ Lead Heart (Seraph Black #3) by Jane Washington


“The paint dripped off me like a liquid coat and I inhaled the toxic fumes, sucking the undiluted scent into my lungs. My pupils dilated as I sank into the vision of a pain so absolute, it went beyond pain. It should have rendered me unconscious, it should have affected my ability, it felt like it should have killed me. As it was, the pain distracted me so badly that I was unable to focus on any other details. I painted turquoise wounds that wept turquoise blood onto the paper floor, and when I was finished, I painted more. I painted the walls, the floor, the back of the door and the boarded-up windows. I covered the room in wounds and fumes, and then I curled up in the middle of the mess, weeping my heart into my paint-covered hands.”

The past few months have reduced Seraph Black to a permanent state of fight, and now it is all that she knows. She is fighting her friends and family to go off on a suicide mission to rescue Silas, she is fighting the fragmented memories that clamour for recognition inside her mind, and she is fighting a guilt so magnificent… it might just force her to betray the very people that have sacrificed so much to keep her safe.

She had asked for space, and it had been given to her in the most heart-rending of ways, leaving only one of the four brothers remaining by her side.

Miro Quillan is her last hope.

Without him, she may never get her pairs back.

Warning: While this book is intended for a young adult audience, it is not recommended for persons younger than 15 years, due to some themes.


“It wasn’t simple friendship, love, lust or any kind of relatable human emotion. To part from them would hollow out my person: I would warp into another human being entirely, and not a human being that I would be proud of, because the power inside me would take over, just as Danny’s power had taken over him.”

Wow. Just wow. Let me start off by saying that if I could give this book more stars, I would. This series is so great and deserves all of the stars in the universe. I didn’t think it could get any better after the last book, but I was wrong. The plot is just phenomenal with twist after twist that you never see coming and leaves you reeling. The story and the overarching plot just keeps getting bigger and bigger and I find myself falling deeper and deeper in love with this series as it goes on. I think that the next book is the last one (crossing my fingers that I’m wrong) and I will be devastated when it is over.

The characters are so great and unique. Each of the boys are different but somehow are always what Seraph needs and are there for her when she needs it most. It warms my heart to read about them and it is gut-wrenching when one of them is hurt. Seraph’s relationships with the boys is gradually changing and I love watching them each grow closer and closer to each other. I love the drama between them all and how Seraph tries to resist her connection to all of them but just can’t stay away.

I am so grateful that I picked this series up and so disappointed that I didn’t do it sooner. I know that it will always have a special place in my heart. I just can’t wait to read the next book!

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