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A Portrait of Pain (Seraph Black #4) by Jane Washington


∴ A Portrait of Pain (Seraph Black #4) by Jane Washington


“I had to understand that grief would be a constant in my life, and that it would be different every time it returned to me: the same face hidden beneath a brand new hat. I needed to say goodbye to this chapter of my life, to the grief that had clawed at me, to the threat that had stalked me through the shadows …”

Seraph Black’s entire world has changed. There are no more secrets in her life, but knowledge comes at a price. Memories take their toll. Reality demands a due.
The silent shadow of her past has stepped into the light and revealed himself. He has lost everything, and the only thing left for him to do is to make sure that she loses everything as well.
Survival is a complicated game, but her pairs are determined to become experts at it before they run out of time. If only they knew about the brand of pain in her portraits that was never there before, because something is seriously wrong.
Her visions are changing.
People are dying.
The world is turning on its head once again.

Warning: As the characters in this series are maturing, so is the content. Not suitable for persons younger than 17 years.


Let me just start off by saying that I am absolutely in love with this series. It was phenomenal and I can’t believe it’s over. I don’t want it to be over and hopefully we will get to see more from these characters in the future. I am so grateful that I picked this series up and I am so disappointed that I didn’t do it sooner. It deserves all of the stars and more. The plot is just so unique and different from anything I have ever read. The characters are just fantastic. Each of them contribute something different to the story and each of them are essential. This series has so many misfits that work together and just fit to create something truly beautiful. Seraph is so great and cares about everyone around her. She has been through so much and has been able to hold herself together and emerge stronger in the end. She has such a big heart and is everything I could ask for in a leading female character. Noah, Cabe, Silas, and Miro will forever go down as some of my favorite male characters. They are each great separately and together they are beyond words. You never want one of your favorite series to end but I can’t even be mad that this series did because it ended on such a high note and so perfect. Thank you Jane Washington for creating something so beautiful and for writing something that I will cherish forever.

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